Severity: WATCH [?]
Status: NEW [?]
Reported by: USGS
Region: southern Iran
Latitude: 29.6514
Longitude: 51.6895
Occurred: September 27, 2010 11:22:44 GMT
Issued: September 27, 2010 13:34:51 GMT
Main map
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PDC Hazard types

Types of Hazards the PDC monitors.
Asterisk (*) denotes automated Hazard processing from messages/advisories.

Type Source
Earthquake National Earthquake Information Center
Flood (Hawaii) National Weather Service Honolulu Office
High Surf (Hawaii) National Weather Service Honolulu Office
High Wind (Hawaii) National Weather Service Honolulu Office
Tropical Cyclone National Hurricane Center
Tropical Cyclone Joint Typhoon Warning Center
Tsunami Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
Volcano Global Volcanism Project
PDC Hazard severities

Hazard severities are as reported by the subject matter experts or, when not available, by one or more incident information criteria (e.g. earthquake magnitude).
Hazard status is either NEW or UPDATED as reported by the subject matter expert.
Overview map showing location of Hazard in relation to the world.

Hazards in the middle of the Pacific or Atlantic oceans may be difficult to judge overview location due to broad expanse of those regions.
Regional map showing Hazard locations, tropical cyclone tracks and cones, earthquake epicenters, METAR locations (displayed in degrees Fahrenheit), major roads, country borders and names, and population density.

Depending on the Hazard occurence some data may not be visible. Click the "Regional Report" link on left panel to view the full Regional Report which includes a legend.

View the message that generated this posting by clicking the "Message/Advisory" link on the left panel.
PDC's Regional Report presents data from the U.S. Geological Survey, various services of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other respected national, regional and global agencies in an easy to understand "snapshot" of a given time and geographical area.

The Regional Report is compiled automatically and a link to it is automatically generated and posted to social networks so anyone can obtain the same basic information that is shared among disaster management professionals right away, with updates triggered by changes in the available data feeds.
The message/advisory from the subject matter expert is often a text message and easily readable but can also be in XML or other form difficult for humans to read and understand.

It is included here as a courtesy to visitors to view the raw data as it was delivered by the subject matter experts and received by the PDC for automated processing.